Poems from the Vita Nuova

L’amaro lagrimar che voi faceste
“L’amaro lagrimar che voi faceste,
Oi occhi miei, così lunga stagione,
Facea lagrimar l’altre persone
De la pietate, come voi vedeste.
Ora mi par che voi l’obliereste,                      5
S’io fosse dal mio lato sì fellone
Ch’i’ non ven disturbasse ogne cagione,
Membrandovi colei cui voi piangeste.
La vostra vanità mi fa pensare,
E spaventami sì, ch’io temo forte                  10
Del viso d’una donna che vi mira.
Voi non dovreste mai, se non per morte,
La vostra donna, ch’è morta, obliare”.
Così dice ‘l meo core, e poi sospira.
The Bitter Tears of Bitter Agony
“The bitter tears of bitter agony,
that you, poor eyes of mine, so long have shed,
made other people all around you sadly
weep from pity, as you well could see.
You would forget all this , it seems to me,               5
if I were on my part so wholly bad
as not to make you think again, instead,
of her for whom you wept so wretchedly.
Pensive I grow for this your foolishness,
and frightened so, that very much I dread                10
‘tis someone else’s sight you’re conquered by.
Never must you forget, my eyes,—unless
Death come to close you—your sole mistress, dead.”
So speaks my heart, and soon it heaves a sigh.


The Bitter Tears of Bitter Agony  — (L’amaro lagrimar che voi faceste) — (XXXVII)

The protagonist realizes that he delights too much in seeing this woman. Thus begins a battle between his eyes, his mind and heart which causes him grief and anguish.

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