Poems from the Vita Nuova

Vede perfettamente onne salute
Vede perfettamente onne salute
Chi la mia donna tra le donne vede;
Quelle che vanno con lei son tenute
Di bella grazia a Dio render merzede.
E sua bieltate è di tanta vertute                     5
Che nulla invidia a l’altre ne procede,
Anzi le face andar seco vestute
Di gentilezza, d’amore e di fede.
La vista sua fa onne cosa umile;
E non fa sola sé parer piacente,                   10
Ma ciascuna per lei riceve onore.
Ed è ne li atti suoi tanto gentile,
Che nessun la si può recare a mente,
Che non sospiri in dolcezza d’amore.
Perfectly One does All Salvation See
Perfectly one does all salvation see,
who among women sees my lady’s face;
so those who walk now in her company
must give God thanks for such a lavish grace.
So great and mighty can her beauty be,                 5
envy in other ladies leaves no trace;
they go, instead, in like humility,
mantled in faith, and love, and gentleness.
Everything humble in her presence grows,
for such is she, that through her pleasantness       10
honor on other women she bestows.
She has in all her ways such loveliness
that nobody can e’er recall her glow
without a sigh of loving tenderness.


Perfectly One Does All Salvation See — (Vede perfettamente onne salute)—(XXVI)

This sonnet and the previous one resume the theme of praising Beatrice; though, poetically, the second shines less, it reinforces the extraordinary qualities of the gentle lady in whose person all women are praised and exalted.

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