Love Poems

Deh, Violetta, che in ombra d’Amore
Deh, Violetta, che in ombra d’Amore
ne gli occhi miei sì subito apparisti,
aggi pietà del cor che tu feristi,
che spera in te e disvïando more.
Tu, Violetta, in forma più che umana,          5
foco mettesti dentro in la mia mente
col tuo piacer ch’io vidi;
poi con atto di spirito cocente
creasti speme, che in parte mi sana
là dove tu mi ridi.                                     10
Deh, non guardare perché a lei mi fidi,
ma drizza li occhi al gran disio che m’arde,
ché mille donne già per esser tarde
sentiron pena de l’altrui dolore.
Oh, Violetta, Who in Love’s Own Guise
Oh, Violetta, who in Love’s own guise
came as a sudden vision to my gaze,
have mercy on a heart you wounded so,
which, trusting you, in its own longing dies.
You, Violetta, more than humanly                          5
set this my mind afire
with all the beauty I beheld in you;
then with a flaming spirit soaring higher,
hope you created, which now partly heals
the ache if you but smile.                                     10
Ignore that I rely on it, but oh,
look at the great desire now burning me:
numberless women, having tarried long,
later regretted each inflicted wrong.


Oh, Violetta, Who in Love’s Own Guise / (Deh, Violetta, che in ombra d’Amore)

Some critics consider this Violetta the second of the “screen-ladies”; it is quite difficult, however, to consider her someone other than the above-mentioned Fioretta. It is said that a certain composer, one Scocchetto, set it to music. Two themes dominate the poem: the lover’s hope and the lady’s spurning of the lover resulting in her “regret”.

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