Lyric Poems

New Translation by

Joseph Tusiani

Introduction and Notes by G. Di Scipio

Web Edition by Charles Franco

Introduction to the Web Edition


Poems from the Vita Nuova Poems from the Convivio and other Allegorical Poems Poems of Correspondence
Tenzone Dante da Maiano and with with Forese Donati Canzoniere -- Love Poems Poems for the Stone Lady
Poems from Exile Eclogues (Latin Poems)

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Published by Legas, New York, 1999
Web publication with permission by Gaetano Cipolla (for Legas), and Joseph Tusiani
To purchase the printed edition, write to:
Legas, P.O. Box 040328, Brooklyn, NY 11204, USA

Web Realization by Charles Franco
e-mail: Charles Franco
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The Divine Comedy

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