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Mario B. Mignone, Director
Josephine Fusco, Executive Director
Donna Severino, Secretary

The Center has three specific purposes: first, to stimulate interdisciplinary research on the part of the local academic community on issues that bring about a better understanding of Italy and Italian Americans; second, to become a national and international focus for Italian and Italian American affairs; third, to promote a better understanding of Italy and of Italian Americans by bringing to the general public the latest scholarly findings on Italy and Italian Americans and by organizing cultural activities of general interest. The Center may be expanded, if funds are available, to become also a gathering place for scholars with a variety of interests to meet and discuss new ideas, share on-going work, and provide intellectual stimulation.

We are located on the fourth floor of the F. Melville Library, on the campus of SUNY at Stony Brook. If you wish to visit us, send an e-mail message to the director, Josephine Fusco or call (631) 632-7444 for directions.




The Melville Library at Stony Brook

Send inquiries to: Donna Severino