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Positions for Teaching Assistants may be available to incoming graduate students in Italian. Please contact Professor Mario Mignone for details.

Undergraduate Studies:

The objective of the Italian Studies major consists of an intensive study of Italian language, along with the study of the culture that has shaped Italian society and its interaction with American society through the study of literature, culture and film studies.

Italian Studies at Stony Brook is a versatile program that allows the student to concentrate on the study of Italian language, culture, and literature. Students may choose an individualized course of study to fit their needs. A student interested in teaching Italian at the secondary school level should concentrate on courses taught in the Italian Language, while a student interested in other careers should choose courses in culture, film studies, and Italian American social issues.

For more details on our teaching training program, visit the Department of European Languages at Stony Brook. See link below.

The undergraduate program in Italian Studies is specifically designed for students interested in Secondary Language Teaching, and in pursuing Graduate Studies in Italian. In conjunction with other disciplines, the Italian Program is a determinant factor for other careers such as international business, law, and economics.

Teacher Training Program:

The Teacher Training Program at Stony Brook is available for students in Italian at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The program adheres to the New York State Education Guidelines (SED). For more details, go to the appropriate department web page.

Graduate Studies:

The graduate program in Italian offers an MA and MAT degree. See the graduate program page for more details.


The Italian Program is offered through the Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. The Department is located on the campus of Stony Brook University, on the 1st floor of the Humanities building. (Room 1055) -- Tel. (631) 632-7440 (M-Th: 8:30-5:00, F: 9:00-4:00)


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